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Hoang Anh 98 Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying high quality packaging with good durability, but the price is still very affordable.

The company’s products are produced on modern lines and operating processes are strictly controlled and quality-assured according to customer requirements.

In addition to the domestic market, our company also exports products to fastidious markets in the world such as the US, Japan, EU, …


  • Become a regional leader in plastic bag manufacturing industry and establish long-term commitments for employees and shareholders in the company.


  • The company is always looking for the best ways to operate as a “green” company, including investing in green technology for production processes and supporting, promoting “green” activities. whenever possible.
  • Stable and sustainable operation: Building a balanced relationship with all stakeholders, including quality customers, service providers, and well-trained, paid employees High contribution to ensure the production process is well managed and effective.